Winter Readiness!

Updated: Feb 4, 2019

By Navita Ramlakhan, Education Director

Goodbye Autumn, Hello Winter! Winter is a spectacular time of the year filled with love and celebrations, giving families time to create some of their most special memories. Nevertheless, this time can also be dangerous for young children as the weather can be brutal and some children do not yet know how to express discomfort.

A few tips below for children to stay warm and healthy, yet still have fun!

Tips for Dressing the Part

  • Wear a hat. It will help your child retain body heat.

  • Keep your child’s neck nice and cozy with a scarf.

  • Prevent frostbite and keep fingers warm with mittens and gloves.

  • Put on wool socks to keep feet and toes warm.

  • Wear waterproof boots to prevent any melting snow or water from covering little feet.

  • Dress with layers! It’s easier to take off a layer to adjust a child’s temperature than to be underdressed and cold.

Tips for Going Outside

  • Get lots of fresh air, at least two hours of outdoor time is essential to staying healthy. You can still take advantage of the parks and playgrounds when it’s cold.

  • Playing in the snow is a good way for families to spend quality time together. Make sure to put dry clothes on when you go inside.

  • Make sure to stay hydrated, even in the cold.

Tips for a Safe Winter Home Environment

  • Make sure radiators are covered.

  • Do not use the stove if your indoor space does not have heat.

  • Have in stock a First Aid Kit.

  • Keep a flashlight with batteries.

  • Check your carbon monoxide detector.

  • Have extra healthy snacks and food for cozy quality time indoors.