Winter Activity: Visiting an Art Museum

By Maya Major, Director of Operations

At Vivvi, we believe that taking children outside is integral to each child’s day. With winter in full force, going outside may be a difficult option for children and families, but this paves the way for a favorite activity - a field trip! While we have visits to the fire station, dentist offices, and more planned for our year at Vivvi, we also encourage parents to use this cold weather as motivation to explore the amazing resources and locations we have here in New York City.

Going to new places can be unsettling for children, and with each trip, children are bound to ask, ‘Why?’ A great way to build excitement, prevent distress, and encourage discussion for young children is to slowly prepare them for trips or excursions with conversations and resources at home. This winter, the Children’s Museum of Manhattan, has a great exhibit we love called, ‘Art, Artists, and You!’ It’s an interactive, family-oriented exhibit that encourages children to ask questions, express their creativity, and make a few keepsakes to bring home. This is a great opportunity for family bonding as well as an amazing learning opportunity to discuss shapes, colors, and textures with your child, all while strengthening and developing creativity and fine motor skills.

To prepare for the big museum day, we’d recommend the book, “Little blue and Little yellow,” by Leo Lionni. In this book, children explore colors and a story of two best friends who, when they come together, turn green! These yellow and blue circular friends expose young learners to primary colors, secondary colors, shapes, combinations, and early mathematical skills. Parents can ask, ‘What color is this?’ ‘What shape is this?’ ‘What happens when yellow and blue give each other a hug?’ and inspire children to think about color combinations and ways to bring those newly-learned colors into their own projects.

We hope to see you at the museum - and hear all about the art your family creates soon! If you are interested in learning more about our very own art curriculum, join us at an upcoming parent event at


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