Wednesday: Artists at Work

Parents Corner

We've been doing a lot of talking about the importance of setting up structured schedules for adults and children alike. Today we wanted to share our thoughts on the benefits to designating a physical space for your child to "work" and create. We know quarters can be tight, but establishing a small space just for your child may actually help your space feel better AND support creative learning. At Vivvi, we have Arts Centers in each of our class rooms and a variety of visual art materials for painting, drawing, collage work, and sculpture creation are available on low accessible shelves. Classroom art centers are key in developing skills such as creative intelligence, independent decision making, risk taking, hand-eye coordination, fine motor development, and collaboration skills. To help you create an At-Home Arts Center, here are two lists of our favorite Vivvi supplies.


It is never too early to support creative expression. Experts agree that even short spurts of creative time has a significant impact on a baby’s social, emotional and cognitive development in these early years. You know your baby best, so please take care in determining if a particular activity will work well and safely for you and your child.

Activity - Box Art

Before having children did you ever think about the play value of a cardboard box? Ms. Kim from Infant 2 knows that for babies, boxes are an all time favorite activity and can provide hours of fun and focus because they spark imagination and creativity. A box can be made into anything and will support the fine motor skills needed for scissor cutting and writing skills later on. Here are some ideas that Ms. Kim has used in her classroom:

What you need:

  • Art materials such as, paint, sponges, stickers, scrap paper and fabric, glue

What to do

  • Before beginning, put some newspaper down to protect your floor. Now you and your baby can get to work sponge painting the box. You can also paint the box yourself for less mess.

  • After drying, on another day you can decorate with other paper materials and glue or velcro a child safe light weight mirror to the outside 

  •  Then let the exploration start!

For more play value, if using a large box, put the box on its' side to crawl through or play peek a boo; a favorite baby pastime. 

Toddlers and Preschoolers

Art experiences provide young children with multiple benefits for learning in all domains. Of course art is important for its own sake--as a source of beauty and expression. For young learners, it is best to give them opportunities to explore and experiment with materials that allow for open expression. What is important is the step by step process they experience, not the end product. This week, Ms. Kayleigh, from the Preschool shares a novel and non messy alternative to painting with paints. 

Activity- Painting With Water

This open ended project will spark the creativity of you and your child.

What you need

  • Small bowl of water

  • Paint brushes and sponges

  • Colored construction paper

What to do

Give your child the materials and let them create. As an extension, you can use this activity to practice making shapes or numbers or letters with those children who are developmentally ready and interested.