Vivvi's Valentine's Day Activity

Happy Valentine's Day!

Every moment is an incredible opportunity to make memories with a child - and around the holidays, the start of traditions and memorable keepsakes can solidify these warm memories. Art is a fantastic medium for these traditions. At Vivvi, art is a daily adventure, and at home, we suggest that our parents encourage their children to use various art media to create and imagine as well.

Valentine’s Day is a great time to start this tradition. A favorite home craft of ours is blotto painting. With sponges cut into various shapes (hearts, circles, arrows), paint brushes in different sizes, favorite color paints and paper of each child’s choice, the entire family has fun designing Valentine’s decorations, cards or a giant family painting. Hands and fingers are some of our favorite painting tools too! When everyone is done, each family member can practice their signature (whether a name, picture, or handprint) and enjoy the messy beautiful art that everyone made together.

Besides creating a family keepsake, this activity also works on developmental skills for children. By sorting colors and shapes, children are developing organizing and grouping skills basic to mathematical reasoning. Working with others to create art develops sharing, social and emotional skills - and every stamp, hand print, and sweep of a paintbrush is strengthening fine motor skills. Art is a learning tool and play all at the same time - and is fun for the entire family as well!