Vivvi's Hiring Philosophy

By Lynne Mueller, Head of School

At Vivvi, we know that our faculty is the single most important factor for creating purposeful learning environments.

Although many people have an interest in the early childhood teaching profession, it takes a special kind of person to work with early learners. At Vivvi, we are looking for educators who reach beyond just the basics and value supporting each young child’s learning on an individualized level.

When I think about what makes a great teacher, the role of “teacher as researcher” comes to mind. These teachers have a keen eye for observing their students and figuring out how to take purposeful and organic play experiences and transform into learning opportunities to build upon and encourage each child’s knowledge and curiosity. In doing this, children work towards developing higher level thinking skills and meeting important developmental milestones.

We are training our faculty to take a step back each day to reflect upon their teaching practice and plan unique and individualized curriculums for our students. At Vivvi, we value this research time, providing teachers with the space needed for reflection and productive dialogues about their work and lesson plans. Vivvi faculty are constantly working with each other and with children to not move from task to task, but rather, to be intentional and proactive about supporting children on their individual learning journeys

We value our faculty having the same curiosity we want our children to embrace, modeling every day how to enjoy the process of learning. In this way, our Vivvi teachers do possess the same kinds of qualities that we enjoy in our children - passion, enthusiasm, curiosity and a lifelong love of learning.


Vivvi is Now Hiring

Vivvi is now hiring a cohort of Head and Co-teachers to launch our inaugural infant and toddler and preschool classrooms. With our flagship site now under construction and founding families and employer-partners enrolling, Vivvi’s faculty will join us and bring our mission to life.

For our young learners, Vivvi’s faculty have the experience and knowledge to inspire…. Read more