Vivvi is Hiring! Learn More About Vivvi’s Founding Faculty

Updated: Jan 30, 2019


We believe that teachers thrive in an ecosystem where they are empowered to maximize their impact on the children they serve.

We honor the art of teaching and attract the best talent through robust compensation, equity tied to the long-term success of students, and constant mentorship, professional development, and unrivaled career growth opportunities.”

-Excerpt from the Vivvi Mission Statement (

Vivvi is now hiring a cohort of Head and Co-teachers to launch our inaugural infant and toddler and preschool classrooms. With our flagship site now under construction and founding families and employer-partners enrolling, Vivvi’s faculty will join us and bring our mission to life.

For our young learners, Vivvi’s faculty have the experience and knowledge to inspire children to explore the world and foster a love of learning. In our infant & toddler classrooms, children are full of wonder and Vivvi faculty will introduce them to materials and activities that teach them to ask questions. As the children develop and begin to ask questions about the wonder they have, Vivvi faculty will employ these questions to develop robust student-centered projects that incorporate multiple disciplines and age-appropriate skill-sets.

From the parents perspective, Vivvi faculty are experts in early childhood education and provide them with a personal window into the growth and development of their child. For every child at Vivvi, whether an infant or 4 year old, the learning process is highly individualized. Vivvi faculty will work with families through daily communication via our use of the Brightwheel App, monthly through ours newsletters, and semi-annually via parent teacher conferences. At Vivvi, we call our conferences “celebrations.” All parents at Vivvi will get to know our faculty extremely well and we have designed a space with visually connected classrooms to help bring about this end.

Based on what Vivvi’s faculty brings to our community of young learners and families, we are excited to offer unrivaled opportunities for professional growth and development. To begin with, all Vivvi faculty will receive equity-based incentives aligned to the growth of the school. In addition, unlike most single school houses, Vivvi faculty will be empowered to pursue their career trajectory within our organization. Imagine starting as a co teacher and being able to one day found a new school as Vivvi expands our impact to more families and companies.

If you have a teacher that you would like to nominate, please email If you are a faculty member interested in applying, please do so via the Vivvi careers page (