Vivvi Construction Update: Toilets, lights, and book shelves, oh my!

We have entered the final stage of construction on our campus at 75 Varick street (read more on the design here) and are excited to announce that our furniture arrives next week! We run multiple tours a day and we encourage you to come see our site before it officially opens To sign up for a tour, please click HERE.

Our site is transforming each day, and by the end of the week, some of the major features of our school will be installed: our toilets and training toilets, our classroom cabinetry and lighting fixtures, and our school library. Once the furniture is in next week, the team will be hard at work sorting everything from our books to our cleaning supplies. Throughout the entire construction process, we have worked to document as much of the progress as possible to share with the children when they start. Below are some pictures we took and be sure to check our instagram channel (@vivviearlylearn) for even more updates over the coming days.