Understanding Employer Sponsored Child Care: 101

Updated: Mar 6, 2019

By Maya Major, Director of Operations and Corporate Relations

Employer sponsored child care used to be only for the world's largest companies, but we've designed Vivvi specifically to make it possible for companies of all sizes to implement a child care program and change their employees' lives.

Child care is a crisis for working families, and employers have the unique ability to alleviate the time and financial burdens that these families face. Many employers see this child care crisis up close and personal. For instance, today, close to 50% of women leave their job after having a child (not always a choice of their own), the average employee misses 24 full or partial days due to the daily realities of child care, and 83% of working families would take a job with better family benefits that offers equal or less pay. By partnering with Vivvi to provide on and near-site child care, employers not only drive a 10x ROI through recruitment, retention and productivity gains each year, but also honor the true potential of their people and families. Vivvi offers three core services to our employers make their employees’ lives better:

  • Full-time care: World class, full-time child care and preschool aligned with employees’ lives and careers at up to a 50% discount to market rates.

  • Back-up care: Back-up care fills the gaps when parents’ other accommodations fall through, including snow days and holidays, so they don’t have to miss a beat.

  • Referral network: The Referral and Subsidy Network supports employees who have existing child care accommodations by using Vivvi to subsidize their existing care or find accommodations within the Vivvi network.

Just like how we’ve built Vivvi around the needs of our working families, we’ve also built our corporate offering to properly address the needs of our employer partners. Our offerings are built to address our partners’ needs:

  • Flexibility: Vivvi provides flexible enrollment size and pricing options depending on a company’s needs and size, with no capex, construction or long term contracts.

  • Tax Credits & Government Subsidies: By leveraging robust federal subsidies, Vivvi provides world class programming at a fraction of the cost to both employers and working parents.

  • Parent community: Vivvi supports all of our partners’ working families throughout their lifelong parenting journey with Vivvi’s robust parent community, events and workshops.

We’re always here for our families and corporate partners, and we are proud to have built Vivvi for our parents and employers’ needs today. Read more about our corporate offering at vivvi.co/employers​, and if you are interested in partnering with us to bring Vivvi to your organization, please reach out to us any time at hello@vivvi.co and share our corporate flyer here with your HR lead today.