Tuesday: Music & Movement

Infants Early in life, children start to identify rhythm and even move to the beats of music. Just like adults it touches their souls! Here is an activity for your baby to perk up their listening skills, a necessary component to music appreciation. Activity: Sound Play What you need: Plastic bottles or small containers with tops that your baby can hold Pick some items from them following: cheerios, rice, pasta, beans, couscous Bin or bowl to hold the containers What to do: Put one item in each container and secure lid Give the closed containers to your child in a bin and let them explore  Isn’t it amazing what you can convert household items into learning experiences for your baby?

Toddlers/Preschool Using fingerplays and songs in early childhood is a great way to help young children learn a new language, gain large and small motor skills and support memory and practice the attributes of sequencing needed for reading comprehension.   Activity: Fingerplay Fun Here is a playlist of fingerplays for you and your child. Some might be familiar to you and others will help you add to your expertise as a child entertainer!