Thoughts on Traveling with Young Children

By Lynne Mueller. Head of School

Spring officially starts today! When I think of spring, the joys of the outdoors come to mind. Going to the playground, planting flowers, picnics and extended traveling trips are all experiences for enriching family time. However, if getting from point A to point B involves any kind of travel by road or air you might look into ways to make the travel part of the trip as smooth and painless as possible. If you arrive at your destination feeling stressed and miserable, it’s hard to get into the vacation spirit!

Here are some ideas to help make a spring time getaway enjoyable.:

  • Young children have a different understanding of time than adults. Try not to talk about a trip too far in advance to reduce endless questions such as “Are we going today?” About 1 week before the trip set up a visual calendar and mark off the days until the big trip day.

  • For bedtime story time, include books on travel. Some ideas include:

  1. “The House Takes a Vacation” by Jacqueline Davis

  2. “I SPY: Little Wheels” by Jean Marzollo

  3. “Indestructibles: Things That Go” by Amy Pixton

  • The specifics of how to travel with your children are dependent on the age of your child. A baby has different needs than a preschooler.

  1. For children under 2 years old, traveling is fairly easy as long as you stick to a routine. Don’t forget to bring along favorite toys and books to keep your child happy and content.

  2. Toddler and preschool-age children known for their curiosity and inquisitiveness can be wonderful travel companions. The key for successful travel is incorporating plenty of down time for your child to relax and enjoy unstructured time in an open space such as a local playground.

Thinking about taking your child out of school for a family vacation? Each school has its own set of guidelines about this. Unlike most schools, Vivvi is supportive of family vacations at a time that works for your family. Open at least 250 days a year, we are rarely closed so our calendar is different than traditional schools. Therefore, Vivvi families take their vacations when it works for their families with the support of a school who understands the benefits of family time and the educational merit of different surroundings. On a pragmatic note, since our families do not have to commit to vacationing during traditional school breaks, travel tends to be less expensive!

Whatever you and your family are planning to do as a family, the most important thing to remember is to enjoy every moment to the fullest. Vacations fly by and so do the years together with young children.