The Vivvi Cooking Curriculum

Updated: Feb 4, 2019

At Vivvi, cooking with young children is a fun and messy affair and each day will present opportunities for children to take advantage of our mobile cooking center. We embrace cooking because it engages our young learners to utilize all five senses and it is interdisciplinary. Cooking drives student growth in social and emotional development, mathematical conceptualization, scientific reasoning, and literacy. Cooking curriculum also allows us to connect what is happening in school with children’s homes. We encourage our families to try all of the recipes we develop at school!

Every month, faculty at Vivvi meet to decide which recipes will be used with their classes. Each lesson includes a book, recipe chart on a large piece of paper, meal time, and a post cooking activity. Employing literature as the basis of our cooking model provides our young learners with inspiration and motivation. As much as possible, children will be involved with food prep and their safety is always a top consideration. To start the school year, a sample lesson could simply include making homemade smoothies. The lesson, which would be appropriate for children aged 3 to 4, could start with a reading of Will I Have a Friend by Miriam Cohen and end with children graphing who likes and dislikes the healthy drink. From our team’s collective school experience, this smoothie lesson is great for culture building and easing separation anxiety.

Vivvi’s mobile cooking center affords all students the opportunity to not only prep the food, but also experience the entire process. When not in use, we can simply roll the equipment away. Have an age-appropriate recipe that you’d like to share with the Vivvi team? Let us know by emailing