The Benefits of Ballerina Bars

By Navita Ramlakhan, Education Director

When children transition from sitting upright to standing, they move like little ballerina dancers. Ballerina bars are ideal for classroom environments as children start mastering their gross and fine motor skills and flash their infectious smiles at their reflections in the mirror.

All Vivvi Infant & Toddler Classrooms are equipped with ballerina bars and there are several benefits. For instance, as children try to pull themselves up, ballerina bars aid with the development of arm and leg muscles. While they stand holding onto the bar and bouncing, they build key pre-walking (and pre-dancing!) skills. In addition, ballerina bars help with grasp. By holding onto the bar, infants enhance their fine motor abilities, building the foundation of future writing.

The ballerina bar not only provides children with the physical benefits of balance and coordination, but it also helps foster their social-emotional development, self-awareness, sense of independence, language, and reasoning around cause-and-effect. One of the most tangible benefits is that when children hold on and begin to walk, they develop their self-confidence.

While your child is exploring the ballerina bar and mastering their skills in a Vivvi classroom, it is a perfect opportunity to take pictures - to create a portfolio, to document their milestones, and to witness the beginning of a love of dancing.