Technology at Vivvi

By Maya Major, Director of Operations

A key part of our identity here at Vivvi is that parents are active participants in the life of the school. We work to keep parents lives informed throughout the day and have curated best-in-class technology systems for our parents to communicate daily with us and with each other. Vivvi, in this way, is a high-tech school, but not in the way that you’d think. Our faculty are not putting iPads in front of children, and we do not have TVs or smart boards in our classrooms. We want our children to explore, grow, and play - but for our faculty, team, and parents, we are a tech-savvy well-oiled machine. We have three main technologies we use in our school that we are so proud of, both in and out of the classroom.

First, we have created a Slack channel where we actively encourage parents to share knowledge with each other. There is so much parenting information on the internet, thousands of blogs, hundreds of message boards, and countless sites to buy and sell items. Our Slack channel serves to bring all of these together for our parents and community - for families to sell items, share ideas, share resources, ask questions, plan playdates and ask any question that comes to their minds. Nothing is too small or too big to ask or share (and the Vivvi team will not hesitate to chime in!). No parent at Vivvi should ever feel alone or unsupported, and through this Slack channel, the Vivvi community is always one message away.

Second, Vivvi uses a best in class education management system called Brightwheel. Brightwheel is a phone application that manages daily check-in, security, student information, check-out, authorized pick-up individuals, school announcements and more. Throughout the day, as each child grows and explores, a teacher can quickly send a note and photo to a parent, giving real-time updates of each child throughout the day. Brightwheel also seamlessly manages invoicing and payments, serving as the one-stop-shop application that creates and maintains a portfolio both for families and for each child.

Lastly, Vivvi is the first school to introduce Nanit cameras into our cribs. Nanit cameras allow parents to check in on their child during nap time throughout the day. Vivvi believes that our infants and toddlers should only be in cribs when they are asleep (the second a child wakes up, it’s time for floor time and play); but when a baby is fast asleep, our parents can check in and know that their infant is safe and sound.

The Vivvi team has spent considerable time curating our technology solutions, and we cannot wait to share them with you! When parents join the Vivvi family, they are joining a community and our technology enhances this community every day.


Interested in learning more about technology use with young learners? Register for our parent information workshop on February 21st entitled ‘How to Manage Screen Time Technology for Young Children.’ During this session, we will discuss the short and long term effects of an overabundance of screen time activities for young children at home as well as some painless strategies to reduce children’s technology use.