STEM: I Spy Observer Game

Toddlers & Preschool

Activity: I Spy Observer Game

What you need:

What to do:

After learning how to play the game, with your child take a walk around your home searching for objects. Some ideas include: 

  • Something you can turn on

  • Something that is bumpy

  • Something that is metal

  • Something that is plastic

  • Something that is round

  • Something that is squishy

  • Two crayons

  • Two pairs of socks

As you can imagine the list of items for this game is endless. When you find something, talk about the characteristics of the object you found and then see if there is a similar one you can find. When you have run out of ideas, let your child be in charge of the game to extend their observation skills and raise their self esteem as they direct you to find an object. 

And here is a link for an I Spy Numbers song that your child might enjoy at the end of the game to inspire more ideas.