Sneak Peak Into the Vivvi Library

By Maya Major, Director of Operations

As part of National Library week, we thought we’d give you a sneak peek into the Vivvi Library! As with other schools, school life at Vivvi revolves around the library. Pathways to literacy begin at a young age, and our school strongly believes that the key to emergent literacy is providing a rich literature environment with books of a variety of genres.

Our robust library provides opportunities for teachers and children to explore topics that interest them the most - with fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and texture books. In our infant rooms, we have acquired a thoughtful array of books to entice and encourage exploration of reading materials, and in our preschool rooms, we provide books to connect with themes that students create themselves to spark more of their natural curiosity.

With the sun coming out and Spring peeking its head out of the clouds, children are starting to comment about what they see in the changing environment outside. For instance, “Look I see a pink flower!” or “I’m not wearing my winter coat anymore!” or “I get to use my umbrella again!” These comments about their immediate surroundings become the foundation a Spring thematic unit here at Vivvi. Here are some books to extend your child’s thinking about Springtime - that you will find in our library and in our themes here at Vivvi.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar - Eric Carle

The Very Hungry Caterpillar is a classic for discussions around growing up and Spring. This book and its cute illustrations is useful for children to learn about nature - and know that the animals in the natural world grow up just like them. It can be a hands-on experiment as children can grow their own butterfly gardens - and watch little caterpillars transform!

Waiting for Wings - Lois Ehlert

As children are fascinated by bugs this time of the year, we encourage to learn about them and appreciate their natural beauty. In ‘Waiting for Wings,’ butterflies emerge in Spring and children start to ask questions about where they are from. This inquiry-based rhyming book answers these common questions and encourage them to learn more.

Spring - Roger Priddy

In “Bright Baby Touch and Feel Spring,” Roger Priddy brings the pictures alive with interesting colors and textures for our infants to celebrate this season of newness. As babies use their senses to experience the world, they experience spring through touch in this book as well.

We look forward to library time with you! We are always welcome to adding favorite books to our library. If you have any favorites that are special to you and you’d like to see in our library, e-mail us at