Promoting Work-Life Balance

Updated: Jan 14, 2019

By Ben Newton, Co-founder

At least once a week, I see an article in a major national publication discussing work-life balance for young families. This topic is on many people’s minds, as it should be.

The early childhood ecosystem in NYC is designed to exacerbate a lack of balance in dual income households. There is a gross imbalance of students to seats in most neighborhoods. Most child care centers only offer partial day schedules, so parents need to secure multiple forms of care if they choose to stay at work. This drives up costs significantly. In addition, most centers are open only 160 days per year making parents coordinate daily schedules, breaks, holidays, meetings, and work-travel opportunities around the center’s closing dates.

Looking at these statistics, it is no surprise that the stress of child care extends back into to the workplace. Recent studies of working parents show that 50% of of full time female employees leave their careers to raise a child. The average employee with young children misses 24 full or partial days due to child care issues. Finally, 83% of parents would leave their jobs for ones with better family benefits at equal or less pay.

THIS is why we created Vivvi, “An Early Childhood Education for Today’s Workforce.: At Vivvi, children are the center of the school experience, but we are also designed specifically with our parents in mind. Families should not have to choose between their dreams and child care - we are creating the shift to make child care honor the true potential of the whole family. At Vivvi,

  • Families have access to daily flexible pick-up and drop-off between the hours of 7:00 AM and 7:00 PM.

  • Our school is open 12 months a year for as many as 250 days.

  • We firmly believe that our parents are our partners, and we incorporate open doors of communication through events, workshops, technology, and daily communications through our Brightwheel app. No question is too small.

  • Community engagement is highlighted by adult education in early childhood development AND navigation of the early childhood ecosystem.

The structure of early childhood education is ripe for change in NYC and Vivvi is here to lead it. We encourage you to join us at an upcoming Open House ( to learn more, and we look forward to welcoming you to the Vivvi family!