Packing Suitcases

For many of us, this time of year conjures up memories of trips to celebrate holidays, visit family, or to just relax. Although we can’t actually go away, we can take a virtual trip anywhere our heart desires. Take a few moments and brainstorm with your child about the places they'd like to travel and explore. Our friend Sarah Firshein (travel writer, and mom of Miles - above!) wrote up an entire day's itinerary with virtual destinations far and wide to inspire you. 

Activity: Packing Suitcases

After you’ve decided on your dream getaway, you need to start packing! This activity will spark your child’s imagination as they join you in planning that special vacation virtually - and it will be fun for the kid in you to get swept away with vacation vibes. 

What you need:

A drawer with clothes

A suitcase or bag to hold the clothes

What to do:

With you child make a list of what they think they will need to pack for the virtual trip. Get to work packing, checking off the items as you go. To expand their traveling ideas, watch this song. And take it a step further by “traveling” through your home, imagining that each room is a different place to visit on your journey.

For babies, simply giving them boxes or containers that they can fill with safe objects will provide them with a similar experience.