Moving with Music

This activity will get you and your child moving to the music. Ms. Laura, Ms. Adia and Ms. Haley, in Infant 1, like to integrate these songs in their classrooms to give children opportunities to follow directions as their students delight in their ability to move their bodies to the beat of the music.

What you need:

What to Do:

  • Sit on the floor with your baby opposite you

  • As you sing the song London Bridge is Falling Down, hold your baby’s hands as you follow the directions in the song

  • Do the same with the words of Row,Row, Row Your Boat


The Preschool teachers know how important it is for young children to move. These songs will get your children moving as they practice balance with parts of their body. After the movement activities, these concepts can be reinforced with at art activity

What You Need:

What to Do:

  • With your child jam out to the songs

  • After reading Eric Carle’s Book, put your child in front of a mirror with a paper plate or piece of paper and black marker and have them make a portrait of themselves. As they create it, discuss their facial features, the shape of the parts and what the purpose of each part of their face