Monday: Sensory Exploration

Updated: Apr 1

Parents Corner

By now, many of you may be referring to each day of the week simply as "day." We get it. But we are here to remind you that it is in fact, a Monday. With that, we hope to offer up a little "Monday Motivation" and remind you that yes, practicing rituals, setting intentions, repeating mantras or establishing consistent habits to begin your day WILL get you through the day...or at least until lunchtime. So we'll leave you with this basic 6-word, 2-step plan, for this morning and all mornings.

Get dressed, and make your bed.

The rest will follow.

Mondays: Sensory Exploration


In the perfect world your sitting, crawling or just walking baby would be able to wander around your home without the need for you to be right next to them. In reality, there are times in the day you need to have your child stay in one place so you can get something on your growing “to do list” done. The high chair is a perfect place for your baby to spend a bit of time while learning, exploring and most importantly having a great time! If you don’t have a high chair you can always prop up your baby with a boppie or pillow and use a tray as the surface. What follows are some quick and easy sensory based experiences you can put together in no time.

Activities: High Chair Play

Activity 1: Teething Idea

Ms. Laura, Ms. Adia and Ms. Haley from our Infant 1 class know how fussy babies can get on those painful teething days. Here is an activity they recommend to soothe and engage your baby

What you need:

  • Favorite teething toys frozen overnight

  • A bin

  • Small amount of water

What to do

Put a little bit of water in a bin with the teething toys and have your baby explore them while sitting in the high chair

Activity 2: Jello Dig

Ms. Kim and Ms. Serena from Infant 2’s children love this activity that adds fine motor work to the mix. It’s a little messy, but nothing a bath can’t handle

What you need:

  • Jello or plain gelatin

  • Favorite toys

What to do:

Make a bowl of jello. Before you put it in the refrigerator add some toys

When the jello is set, enjoy your baby’s reactions

Activity 3: Tape Activity

Keep your child entertained with this tape activity that will strengthen your little one’s fine motor, color recognition and problem solving skills. 

What you need:

  • Painters Tape

  • Objects safe for putting in mouth

What to do:

To set up this activity simply tape your objects to a tray individually sticking them down with painters tape. This tape can be easily removed without any residue.

Once your objects are taped down, let your child get to work peeling the tape off the tray to get the objects. Once your child gets the hang of it you can change the objects focusing on one attribute at a time such as one color or shape.I

Toddlers and Preschool

Through sensory play preschool children discover new sensations as they investigate through their senses. What follows an activity that will get your child’s imagination flowing as they experience new textures.

Activity: Day at The Beach

Who doesn’t love summer? Here is a way to bring the glories of summer indoors for a fun and unique experience that your child will love with a few items that you probably have in your home.

What you need:

  • A few days of used coffee grinds

  • Flour

  • Plastic cups

  • A tub

  • Your bathing suit

  • Sunglasses

  • Covering for your floor

What to do

This is a super easy project to put together. 

  1. Just mix 1 part coffee grinds with 2 parts flour.

  2. Add some beach or water or animal toys materials such as a shovel, plastic fish, shells

  3. Have your child get into their bathing suit and put on their sunglasses and have a beach party!

To extend your day at the beach play, here is a video of pretend swim lessons by our very own Ms. Cat. Besides being one of the infant 2 teachers she is a certified swim instructor. During the beach party, read the book The Rainbow Fish

And what would be a beach party without the Baby Shark song:

If the idea of playing with flour and coffee grinds makes you cringe thinking about the possible mess, just put some beach toys in a tub, put on your beach gear and see what fun occurs!