Meet Natalie Lally, Preschool Educator

Updated: Apr 12, 2019

The Vivvi community is excited to announce Natalie Lally as one of our first faculty members for our flagship campus at 75 Varick Street. Natalie joins Lynne and Navita, and the growing list of new faculty who will take the vision behind our inquiry-based model and bring it to reality.

About Natalie

Natalie joins Vivvi as a Co Head Teacher and will work with our Toddler and 2s Classrooms. She most recently served as a Lead toddler teacher at Bright Beginnings in Queens. Having graduated with an undergraduate degree in Journalism from Hunter College, Natalie changed her career path finding a passion for working with the youngest students, helping them develop a life-long love of learning. Natalie is an avid reader of pedagogical literature to strengthen her instruction and she also possesses a profound interest in studying the education ecosystem beyond her classroom and is always seeking opportunities to learn about and discuss issues around equity and access. For this reason, we know Vivvi is a fantastic fit. Outside of work, Natalie loves hiking and outdoor adventures.

Natalie will finish her Masters in Early Childhood Education from Hunter College in December.

Welcome Natalie!