Meet Haley Costa, Infant & Toddler Educator

The Vivvi community is excited to announce Haley Costa as one of our first faculty members for our flagship campus at 75 Varick Street. Haley joins Lynne and Navita, and the growing list of new faculty who are taking the vision behind our inquiry-based model and bringing it to reality.

About Haley

Haley joins Vivvi as a Head Teacher in our Toddler classrooms. She is currently a Lead Teacher at the Learning Experience in East Northport, New York and has been a classroom teacher for 5 years. Like many Vivvi teachers, Haley has experience teaching young elementary learners and has done so as a student teacher across 5 different programs. This understanding of what reading and writing activities children will be engaged in once they enter elementary school is such an important asset for a toddler teacher. Haley incorporates significant pre-literacy skills into everyday activities in her classroom to prepare young learners such as choosing favorite books, following visual cues, and developing pre-writing themes. Haley holds a BS in Education from the State University of New York at Fredonia.

Haley loves to travel and go to new places with a book in hand. She brings these experiences back to her classroom and always shares what she learns with her students. Haley will undoubtedly be a great contributor to our stuff closet -our school collage resource space where we will be collecting recycled treasures from our community and travels for our children to use for artistic expression!

A huge welcome to Haley!