Introducing Lynne Mueller, our Fabulous Head of School!

Updated: Feb 4, 2019

Lynne Mueller is Vivvi’s founding Head of School, bringing years of expertise to design our program and build our founding faculty. Curating the best educators in NYC and and drawing upon the best methods to author the core of the Vivvi Learning Approach, Lynne is forming the foundational strands of DNA that make Vivvi a world class education that also feels like home.

Before joining Vivvi, Lynne was a consulting Early Childhood Director for the Hudson Way Immersion School on the Upper West Side. Lynne started her career in education at the International Preschools. Over 25 years, she served as a Lead Teacher, Head of Location, and the Director of Education. As Director of Education, she was responsible for building and implementing curriculum, supporting over 100 teachers and 500 families annually. Over her career, Lynne has also served as an independent consultant assisting various schools and educational institutions in the public and private sectors. One of her most notable efforts includes working with Bank Street to implement the social and emotional curriculum for the New York City Department of Education's Universal Pre-Kindergarten Program ("Pre-K for ALL"). Lynne’s professional affiliations include Generation Ready, Blue Apple Learning Center, and Ramapo for Children.

Lynne is a frequent speaker at national early childhood conferences and contributed to the development of NAEYC accreditation standards. She holds a B.A. in Sociology and Communications and M.Sc.'s in Science and Social Research and Early Childhood Education from Hunter College.

Vivvi is an organization near and dear to Lynne’s heart. Not only is the opportunity to build a school from scratch a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, but the mission to support working families hits incredibly close to home. Having started her career as a social scientist with the Children’s Television Workshop, she became a classroom teacher when her eldest son started school. She did this initially to afford the cost of child care - little did she know that it would become her life’s work.

One of Lynne’s favorite activities to do outside of work is to run her two Etsy stores. On and you can find Lynne’s curated items including jewelry, bow ties, and cufflinks.

Lynne is the proud mother of two boys, Mike and Jordan.