Introducing Ajia Hunter, Infant & Toddler Educator

The Vivvi community is excited to announce Ajia Hunter as one of our first faculty members for our flagship campus at 75 Varick Street. Ajia joins Lynne and Navita, and the growing list of new faculty who are taking the vision behind our inquiry-based model and bringing it to reality.

About Ajia

Ajia joins Vivvi as an Associate in our Infant & Toddler Classrooms. For the past two years, Ajia has served a Program Manager at Follow Us to Success. In this role, one of her main responsibilities was to design and implement emergent early childhood literacy programs. In the two years prior, Ajia was a special education teacher with the Department of Education supporting her students as well as school administration. Ajia began her passion for working with young children as summer classroom teacher at the International Preschool. Ajia holds a Bachelor in Fine Arts from the California Institute of the Arts. In her spare time, Ajia loves freelance photography. You will most likely see her work all over Vivvi’s social media and website.

A huge welcome to Ajia!