Intro to the Vivvi Infant Program

By Lynne Mueller, Head of School

At Vivvi, infant care and learning is individualized to the meet the needs of our youngest learners and their families. The intentionality of this one-on-one approach prioritizes each baby’s wide ranging abilities with Vivvi faculty tailoring educational interventions to bolster strengths and support areas of growth.

Creating a rich and personalized program where children develop along multiple physical, social and emotional, and academic domains requires a special type of educator (read about Vivvi’s Learning Domains here). Vivvi’s infant faculty possess keen observational skills necessary for understanding each baby’s needs and a pedagogical expertise to turn assessments of these needs into a personalized curriculum. Our faculty constantly observe their students as they guide them in tasks they find challenging and extend expectations when milestones have been met. To outsiders, an infant’s work may look like play, but our highly insightful teachers know that play is the real work. Play is how young children make sense of the world around them.

In the Vivvi infant curriculum, a primary teacher is assigned to 4 children to promote and nurture the individualized relationships that babies need, with the assistance of a co-teacher to aid in implementing the baby’s individual program. As the connection between baby and their teacher deepens, trust and security, the underpinnings of emotional development, occur. Our teachers work with our families to map not only the learning milestones for each child, but also healthy and home-like daily routines. From caring for their basic needs such as feeding and sleeping to spending time cuddling and playing, each child is on their own clock. Faculty nurture and respect each baby’s independence, and work with families to adjust these routines over time to accommodate the baby and family’s needs and goals.

At Vivvi, we treasure babies, and we celebrate each infant as they grow and develop. In our home-away-from-home setting, each baby is encouraged to explore and learn as their needs are supported - creating a place for genuine learning and development.