How to Make Homemade Holiday Cards

By Navita Ramlakhan, Education Director

The Holiday Season is here and with it is an opportunity to spend more time at home with your children. At Vivvi, we think this is a great time to do art! Young children love the process of making art and it is a fantastic domain to enhance their fine motor skills.

Here are few art activities you can do with your children to make beautiful home made holiday cards:

Making A Feet Painted Holiday Card

  • Use your favorite color tempera paint.

  • Pick a construction paper color.

  • Hold your child up and let your child step in the paint.

  • Place their feet on the paper.

  • Have someone photograph this process.

  • Combine the foot painting and picture for your card.

Finger Painting Holiday Card

  • Cut a garbage bag in the middle, spread it on the floor, and tape the ends down.

  • Pour a few different colors of tempera paint on a disposable plate.

  • Pick a construction paper color or a large piece of butcher paper. Make sure to have extra paper on hand.

  • Put the paint and papers in the middle of the garbage bag.

  • Free paint with your child.

  • Photograph this process.

  • Combine the finger paining and picture for your card.

A Collage Holiday Card

  • Collect different recyclable materials like bottle caps, cotton balls, pine cones, and magazine cut outs.

  • Pour child safe liquid glue in a disposable bowl.

  • Pick a construction paper color.

  • Spread a garbage bag on the floor and place your child on it.

  • Give your child a paint brush and have them dip it in the glue.

  • Have your child spread the glue anywhere on the paper. Remember to guide and not do the work for them.

  • Have your child place the recyclable materials on the paper in a design that makes them happy.

  • As an alternative, you can also have your child place the materials directly in the glue and then on the paper.

  • Photograph the resulting work.

  • Combine the collage and picture for your card.