Home-Based Winter Solstice Fun!

At Vivvi, we embrace all cultures and holidays. Since many of these holidays fall around the same time, we celebrate the Winter Solstice too. To honor the longest night of the year, the students complete special light and darkness projects and read books on this subject.

At home you can recreate our winter solstice projects that explore the concepts of light and darkness in an age appropriate manner.

Here are some ideas:

  • Take a trip around your apartment and find the different light sources that you use (i.e. bulbs, candles, television etc.) With your child make a book about these light sources and share it with your extended family at holiday time.

  • Get Sun Art Paper and go outside to discover what the sun can do with this magic paper.

  • Visit the Museum of Natural History to learn more about the solar system and the night light sky.

  • Make stained glass “windows” with colored cellophane. HERE are some “how to” instructions from Buggy and Buddy.

  • Make no flame candles. HERE are some ideas from Brighthub Education.

Some books you may enjoy include:

  • All About Light by Lisa Trumbauer

  • Light Is All Around Us by Wendy Pfeffer

  • Celebrations of Light: A Year of Holidays Around the World by Nancy Luenn