From One Mother to Another

By Lynne Mueller, Head of School

Our special day is here. It is a time of gratitude for ourselves and the mothers we have been blessed with in our lives. You may be celebrating your own mother, a mother-in-law, a teacher, or someone who has been a mother figure to you - as well as mothers you know whether a friend, sister, aunt, or mentor.

When I first had children, I realized there was no one specific “how to” book to help me figure out how to be a mom. I learned in my journey of motherhood the importance of community. I am who I am because of my support network - other mothers, families, parents, and friends who had been there before, or were asking the same questions that I was. We swapped tips, laughed, cried, and planned together. And, of course, I learned from my children, who taught me how to be tolerant, patient, curious, and open to new experiences.

At Vivvi, we know we don’t have all of the answers but we try our best to make sure that parents are never alone. Whether scheduling time with me during the week, or attending events or educational workshops in our thriving parent community, no parents should feel like they are raising their children in a silo. On this Mother’s Day, I reflect on how much gratitude I have for my Mommy friends, some of who are still my best friends today - and I am so excited to see these friendships form in the walls of our school.

From all of us here at Vivvi, we celebrate you! Happy Mother’s Day from this mom to you.