Fridays: End-of-Week Relaxation for All!

Congratulations! You made it through another week. Raise your hands if you need some “me” time after a week of working, keeping the family engaged, and scrolling through too much social media. It is so easy to get lost in the noise of what’s going on around us and forget about personal needs. This weekend make some time for a project that makes you happy.

Pick something that you enjoy doing or never had the time to do and if your child wants to participate- wonderful- but if your child is not interested that is okay. Give permission to make time for yourself. It will help to give you the stamina you need to tackle Monday morning. If this sounds appealing but you don’t think you can fit in some time for yourself, here are some ideas that will take 10 minutes or less but can provide you with hours of balance.


Here is a short video to remind you to take a deep breath. And if you find that meditation is for you, Headspace can extend your practice and is built for the whole family to use.


Mental health experts say that if you write down three positive things that occur in your day your ability to have a more positive outlook increases. Yes, everything is different now, but each day there are victories from staying active in your tiny apartment to a delicious new recipe you discovered, to a special moment you had with your child during the day. Each day, take a few minutes to memorialize these experiences in a notebook or here online

Music & Movement

Once again, we encourage you to shake it out and celebrate the weekend with a dance party. Dance on your own, or invite the family with our second Vivvi Playlist. And for more movement and music fun, check out our very own teachers moving and singing.

The Vivvi team hopes you have enjoyed this week’s activity guide. Wishing everyone a peaceful weekend. And don’t forget to come back on Monday for more fun learning experiences. Stay safe and healthy. We miss you!