Enjoy the Last Moments in Autumn

By Maya Major, Director of Operations and Corporate Relations

Growing up, some of my favorite memories of autumn were on tree walks with my dad. We would pack up a thermos of cider or hot chocolate and walk through the streets of the neighborhood picking up leaves and putting them into a little burlap bag. We would try to find every type of leaf we could find - orange, red, green, pointy, brown, round, and then we would go home and lay them out on the table to dry and press between newspapers. I remember being the tree identifying helper (“the tree detective”) and would help match the leaves with the trees in the Audubon book. At the time, I had no idea what a Ginkgo was, but I could match the yellow leaf with the the yellow picture and the red leaf with the red picture. Looking back, I know this was a smart way for my dad to tire me out, teach me colors, and make sure I had plenty of dry leaves to collage with during the week. This time of year is still my favorite because as the leaves change I feel at home.

Our #weekendactivity suggestion is to go enjoy the last moments of autumn, in Central Park, Prospect Park, or somewhere on your block. Take in the colors, bring a few leaves home to get you through the winter, and maybe even learn to identify a tree or two. A few suggestions of Fall walks HERE come from @MommyNearest (Look out for the Ginkgo, it’s my favorite!).