Friday: End of Week Relaxation for All

Updated: Mar 23

For many of us, our daily schedules are different as we work remotely while keeping our children engaged. After a busy week juggling work and play time for your child, what better way to relax than doing a calming activity with your infant, toddler or preschooler. This week we will focus on bath time. As you can see, there is more to bath time than getting clean! Here are some ideas to do in the bath:

1. Add food coloring to the water

It won’t stain your tub or your child. But it will instantly take baths to another dimension.

2. Turn the bathtub into a ball pit

Put plastic or rubber balls in your bathtub. Help your child play catch or do a sink and float activity and discuss why some of the balls float and others sink to the bottom of the bathtub.

3. Create a waterfall

You can make a waterfall with a plastic colander and a plastic cup, plastic shovel or paper plate in no time. With your child, help them discover what happens when they scoop up the water and pour it into the colander. A plastic funnel can be another great addition to this activity.

4. Blow Bubbles

Bring this outside activity into the bathroom. The mess disappears with the water.

5. Painting

Offer your child child friendly watercolor paint and a paintbrush to decorate the inside of the bathtub. They say watercolor paints will not ruin the tub-but you should test this out on a small patch of your tub before you introduce this activity to your child.

6. Bubble Bath Fun

Use baby safe gentle shampoo and make a bubble bath. With the bubbles you can design silly hairdos. Add a plastic mirror if you have one, so your child can see themselves for some extra giggles. You can also add favorite plastic toys for a bubble toy hunt! For extra fun here is a music video you can play while your child is is the bathtub:

The Vivvi team hopes you have enjoyed this week’s activity guide. We would love for you to share how you and your child used these activities at home. You can send your videos and photos to

Don’t forget to come back on Monday for more fun learning experiences. Stay safe and healthy and have a great weekend.