Earth Day Activities for Young Children

During the month of April, schools across the country celebrate Earth Day. From planting to cleaning up to repurposing found objects, the three R’s of reduce, reuse and recycle are emphasized.

In the majority of schools, the big celebrations are scheduled for April 22nd or April 23rd. If you can’t make an organized event with your child, you can still celebrate the day at home with these ideas:

  1. The best part of earth day is using what you have. If you have a recycling bin, go on a shape hunt in the bin for objects with specific shapes and then use them to make an earth day collage.

  2. Start a rubber band or tin foil ball. Although this will start small, in a month or two these balls will be the talk of your child’s playgroup!

  3. Go to your local park and with your child to pick up the “safe garbage” that you see and throw it away in the garbage can. This fun exercise for children will help your child internalize the importance of keeping our earth clean.

Although spring is a wonderful time to teach young children about our planet, remember earth day activities can be done any time not just during the month of April.

At Vivvi, we incorporate many early learning pedagogies into our curriculum design, one of the more prominent ones being the Reggio Emilia approach. One of Reggio’s most notable tenets is the use of materials from the real world and not manufactured toys to make art. On our campus, by our Director’s office, we have an important space called our “Stuff Closet” where we encourage parents to donate old shoes, wrapping paper, bottle caps, clothes pins, and other recycled materials. All of these items will be at the children’s discretion as they take their design inclinations and bring them to reality!