Designing the Solution: How Vivvi is Built for Today’s Families

Updated: Apr 25, 2019

It is really difficult being a parent in NYC. For too many parents of children under 5, life choices are oftentimes presented with the bleakest of options. Some of the most common questions we have heard from parents over the past 2 years building Vivvi include:

  • “Do I need to quit my job?”

  • “Do I want to add 3 hours to my daily commute in order to afford a 2nd bedroom?”

  • “How can I maintain my friendships, or have any semblance of a life apart from work and family?”

These questions place real pressure not just on parents and families, but also on the communities which they are meant to be a part of. As our CEO, Charles Bonello, says, “If the choice is between your job and your family, your job will always lose.” But what we asked ourselves was why should these decisions be binary? When someone has a child, do important life questions have to be framed as “to be, or not to be?”

At Vivvi, we work every day to fulfill our mission to make certain that the question is viewed as “how to be.” We do this by bringing together 3 of the biggest stakeholders that can drive immediate impact on the cost related to raising a child - schools, real estate, and employers.

On the school front, we’ve designed a program for today’s families and not those of 40 years ago. Today’s households are dual income and require at a minimum full day coverage and all year optionality. Most child cares and preschools do not offer this schedule(read more about the case for schools to change HERE), but we believe firmly that even a school’s schedule should be based on the needs of working families Furthermore, our education team has ensured that families enrolling in Vivvi are not just getting care hours, but also access to a world class inquiry-based and student-centered curriculum for children and a robust learning community for our parents (read more HERE).

With respect to real estate, we make it easier to bring seats to parents and close the supply gap by partnering with the most forward thinking landlords, like Hines, to open campuses that are the right size and are necessary additions to developing neighborhoods that are more than just offices and apartments.

Finally, Vivvi works with the vanguard of companies who leverage federal tax incentives only available to employers to cut their employees typical child care and preschool costs by up to 50%. The average Vivvi parent will save between $60K and $120K over the term of their child’s early childhood education. By aligning an employee’s greatest need with the employers’ desire to retain and recruit the best talent, we work together to build ecosystems where all families can live and thrive in NYC.

With Vivvi, families can focus on the most important questions:

  • “How can I be the most engaged parent?”

  • “How can I continue to pursue my career path and my passions?”

  • “How can my children take advantage of calling the best city in the world home?”

And by answering these questions, Vivvi is helping to design a future city by quarterbacking the interests of those most capable of creating change in the short term to positively impact families’ and employees’ lives. When you enroll at Vivvi or bring us to your employer, you are helping to build a future where families can continue to call NYC home.