5 Questions with Willow Jarosh (Augie's Mom!)

Leading up to Mother's Day this weekend, we've had our own Vivvi moms on the brain. Willow Jarosh (aka. Augie's Mom!) is a registered dietician-nutritionist, and was going to host our parent chat last month, so we caught up with her over email instead on quarantine food, screen time and more...

1. Do you have any traditions for Mother's Day? Not yet! My first two Mother's Days were spent eating breakfast and going for a walk in Central Park. If that continues to be the tradition, I'll be pretty content!

2. How are you planning to celebrate this year? One of my favorite times of day is the early morning, sitting on the couch with a cup of tea and playing with Augie. Or, more realistically, sipping tea while Augie yells at me that he'd prefer to be watching his tablet. ;) But I just love a leisurely morning with tea and breakfast and hopefully a walk outside. 

3. What's the story behind the dutch baby recipe that you're sharing with us for Mother's Day? My mom discovered this recipe when I was really young and I don't really have many childhood memories that don't include having a pan baby (that's what we all called it!) every Sunday morning. In fact, my childhood best friend would plan to sleep over on Saturday nights so she'd be sure to be there on pan baby mornings! She still talks about eating pan babies at my house when I see her now. When I visit my parents now, every Sunday my entire family still gets excited for my mom to bake up pan babies.

4. What's helping you stay sane right now? My husband, the tablet, baking, a daily gratitude practice, and the words of the incredible therapist in my office "we are all grieving something right now". I feel really lucky that a small amount of discomfort from confinement and social isolation is my biggest woe right now, but I also know that so many are struggling financially, emotionally, and physically. I've also come to peace with the fact that my child now has a whole lot of screen time. He's watching Blippi (or Clifford...or Daniel Tiger...) as I type. 

5. What is a silver lining of being home? Weekly FaceTime calls with my parents. They're in the Southwest and we see them in person a few times a year, and talk on the phone a few times a week, but rarely use FaceTime. Our weekly FaceTime calls let them see Augie's changes from week to week, let Augie stay connected to them, and also allow my husband and me to feel a little more like we are hanging out with them in person. I think we all feel like we will continue the regular FaceTime calls even once we're back to seeing one another IRL.