Dear Families,

As an increasing number of employers move to work-from-home policies to enable social distancing and address the COVID-19 pandemic, Vivvi is providing resources to help parents working from home while caring for their children. From daily activity emails, to video conferencing with live parent Q&A and story time sessions, our aim is to help parents organize their time, establish routines, and engage children in activities that advance learning amidst this unprecedented time. Please reach out to us at if we can help support you--no question is too small! We're looking forward to connecting with you and your children.

Lynne Mueller

Head of School

For Parents

First, you are doing an AMAZING JOB. Caring for our children takes super powers, and we hope you will save yourself some space and time each day to reflect on one parenting "win" that makes you proud. Because we need to make sure we put on our own oxygen mask before we can help others with theirs, here are some resources just for you:

For Children

At Vivvi, learning remains at the center of the family experience, and our teachers play a critical role in partnering with our parents to support the healthy and happy development of our children. Each day we are bringing our program to life online via new activities and live video chats. We can't wait to connect! 


Daily Story Time - access via the following Zoom link

Pre Recorded Story Time Videos

Pre Recorded Songs and Movement Videos



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